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Welcome to Minspeak

Picture Communication Board

Minspeak is a way of representing language in a communication device.

If you show people a picture of something simple, like an apple, they will naturally associate more than one idea with that picture.  People usually say the most obvious idea first – “apple” – but then they start associating more ideas – “fruit,” “red,” “eat,” “bite,” and “hungry.”  Minspeak takes advantage of this natural tendency by using a small set of pictures to represent a large number of words in a communication device.

Minspeak is an effective and efficient  language representation method that promotes independent communication.

With a small number of pictures – called icons – the person using Minspeak can independently communicate a large vocabulary without having to spell or to learn and navigate through a large set of pictures.

Read how Minspeak allows for independent communication, by giving anyone easy access to core vocabulary.

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