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Minspeak Fact Sheet

  • Language Representation System

    Minspeak is a system for representing language that was invented by Bruce Baker in 1980.
    Minspeak is not the name of a specific communication device or vocabulary program.

  • Available on PRC Devices

    The Minspeak system for representing language could work on many different kinds of computers if the computer was set up to use this approach. However, Minspeak only works in communication devices manufactured by the Prentke Romich Company (PRC).

  • Minspeak Application Programs (MAPs)

    When you buy a device that uses Minspeak, you can choose to use one of several pre-developed vocabulary programs that come in the device. These pre-developed programs are called Minspeak Application Programs or MAPs.
    There are a wide range of MAPs developed for individuals of different ages, abilities, and needs. The "Unity" MAP is one example.

  • Simple to Advanced MAPs

    MAPs are systematically designed to help promote long-term language growth by providing a series of MAPs, each which builds on an earlier MAP. For example, a child could start out on a MAP with as few as 4 keys, then progress to the next MAP in the series that has 15 keys, then the next MAP with 32 keys, 45 keys, 60 keys, 84 keys, or 144 keys.
    Each MAP in a MAP series is a building block for the next MAP in the series - providing more vocabulary and more language power.

  • MAPs in a Variety of Languages

    There are MAPs available in a variety of languages.
    If you speak English, a MAP from the "Unity" series may meet your needs. Or maybe you might consider another English-language MAP series, popular in the United Kingdom, called "Language, Learning and Living." In Germany, your choices might be between MAPs series called "Quassellkiste" or "WortStrategie."

  • Customized & Personalized MAPs

    Any MAP can be customized to meet your unique needs. If one of the currently available MAPs is not a good fit for you, a personal Minspeak program can be developed by your local AAC support team.

  • Support Materials & Resources

    There are a variety of support materials available to help you implement your Minspeak program. You can "ask an expert" to help you with specific implementation questions and interact with individuals around the world who use Minspeak.

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